June 04, 2012

34th Annual Cornell Camp

Sakuyama sensei - uke
On Friday May 25th, five members of Toronto Branch set off on the long drive to Trumansburg, NY to take part in the 34th Annual Shorinji Kempo Cornell Camp.

Atsumi sensei teaching
The event is the longest continuously running Shorinji Kempo event in North America and it holds a special place in the hearts of Shorinji Kempo members in the Eastern US/Canada region.

Sakuyama sensei - kamae
For the first time in six years, both Sakuyama sensei and Atsumi sensei were able to come from Japan to lead the training. The teachers are direct students of Kaiso So Doshin (founder of Shorinji Kempo) and exemplify excellent technical and philosophical understanding of the art.


Christian - ryusui uke

We attended the first two days of the Camp and on each day Sakuyama sensei taught in the AM session and Atsumi sensei in the PM session.

Lunch with the teachers
As before, a great deal of attention was placed on basic aspects of body movement and stance before using these principles in technique.  The impact of this approach was dramatic - kenshi who had previously struggled to make good form suddenly appeared graceful and smooth in their movement.

Luther - ryusui geri
One great feature of the Camp was an open Q&A Session with the teachers on Saturday evening.  Some of the topics discussed included
  • the early days of Shorinji Kempo
  • anecdotes about Kaiso
  • shooting the movie "The Shaolin Temple" with Jet Li in China
  • Japan's recovery from the tsunami crisis
The Cornell Camp is located in a lush natural environment.  This year's wildlife tally included deer, rabbits, chipmunks, a water snake, a toad, a crawfish and a gazillion tadpoles.

Fine livin"
All of us from Toronto Branch had a wonderful time and learned many valuable things.

Beautiful Cornell Camp!
We wish to thank Sakuyama sensei and Atsumi sensei for coming all the way from Japan to teach us and also the Camp organizers for their selfless efforts in facilitating yet another excellent training opportunity.