February 25, 2013

Special Dan Grading

Hondo Dojo, Hombu

On February 22, 2013, Toronto Branch Master John McCulloch passed the examination for 6th Dan at Shorinji Kempo Hombu in Tadotsu, Kagawa, Japan.

With the examiners following the test (Onishi sensei - left, Kawashima sensei - right)

The examiners for the test were Onishi sensei (WSKO Director) and Kawashima sensei (WSKO Hombu Instructor).

Receiving inkajo from Onishi sensei

L to R: Suzuki sensei, Kawashima sensei, J. McCulloch, Pettersson sensei, Onishi sensei

In addition to the dan examination, John McCulloch also tested for and received certification as a 1st Class Examiner.

Ikkaku Restaurant in Marugame - the essentail dining spot for all kenshi!

Also testing was Anders Pettersson sensei, Branch Master of Karlstad Branch and President of the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation. His technical knowledge, ability and patience were highly appreciated!

Following the examination both Branch Masters spent a few days at the famous Rakuto Doin in Kyoto and experienced incredible hospitality and support from Morikawa Zeo sensei  (8th dan), Morikawa Kazuhoto sensei (7th dan) and their families.

At Rakuto Doin with all three Morikawa sensei!

Rakuto Doin garden