September 30, 2010

Suzuki-sensei, Kurihama Doin

Yokohama, Japan
Sep. 30th.

Suzuki-sensei (Seihanshi 7th dan) and Saito-san of Kumihama Doin (Yokosuka, Japan) graciously took me along to the Yokohama Ikkaku for dinner. Ikkaku is without a doubt the most beloved restaurant of Shorinji Kempo members and is famous for two types of chicken - soft type and "chewy" type.

I've known Suzuki-sensei since the early 1990s when I practiced in London, U.K. It was great to see him again and listen to his views on Shorinji Kempo. A student of the legendary Misaki-sensei, his enthusiasm for the art is incredible!

I am deeply indebted to Suzuki-sensei, Mika-san (English arrangements!) and Saito-san and sincerely hope I'll have the chance to train at your Doin next time!

Many thanks!


September 06, 2010

Grading success

Tal Schaeffer, the Assistant Branch Master of Toronto Branch, successfully passed his Special Dan Grading for the rank of Seikenshi 4th dan on September 3rd at the WSKO 2010 North American Regional Instructors Study Session in New York City.

Well done Tal!


September 05, 2010

New York, New York!

Road trip!

Nine of us headed down to New York City over the Labor Day weekend to attend the WSKO North America Instructors Study Session and 2nd North American Shorinji Kempo Taikai.

Around 100 kenshi from WSKO Branches across the USA and Canada were in attendance.

The Study Session was led by Sato sensei (Fukuoka), Kuida sensei (Gumma), Sakashita sensei (Hombu) and Kuramoto sensei (Hombu). Each day the instructors rotated around the different rank groups, teaching us expertly. Kuida sensei also gave a lecture based on his memories of Kaiso and why Shorinji Kempo became an enduring path for him.

On the Saturday evening we had a dinner party at the Ginger House Restaurant (delicious Chinese-themed food). We especially enjoyed chatting with kenshi from other Branches and winning all the raffle prizes!

The Taikai was on the Sunday. Seven of our members took part in the events - randori (sparring), tandoku embu (single form) and embu (pairform). We were fortunate to be awarded seven medals in these events.

Finally, we wish to express our deep gratitude to the event instructors for making the big effort to come to New York to teach us and also to Ohashi sensei and the kenshi of New York City Branch for all of the long hours they put in to making the events so smooth and enjoyable for all attendees.