May 19, 2005

2005 Toronto Branch Charity "Kickathon" Raises Record Amount

Members of Toronto Branch performed 300 sponsored kicks on the evening of May 18 as their 2005 Kaiso Day charity activity. The event was particularly successful - we managed to raise $9,000 (a new record amount).

The funds will be donated to the Centre for Addcition and Mental Health Foundation to support treatment programs and research geared to help drug addicts escape from their addiction.

We are proud to be able to assist the CAMH Foundation in their essential work.

Kickathon in progress.

Great relief!

May 17, 2005

Synapse website launch

The official English language website for ordering ShorinjiKempo dogi, obi and hoi is now up and running.

May 03, 2005

Atsugi Doin (Japan) Honours Links with Toronto Branch

Atsugi Doin (Kanagawa, Japan) has built a stone wall monument that mentions their supporters and friends. John McCulloch (Toronto Branch Master) was among those named.

Toronto Branch is extremely happy to have such close ties with Hiate-sensei and the members of Atsugi Doin. Our connection was forged in 1985 when John was an exchange student at the nearby Tokai University. Numerous exchange visits to Atsugi and Toronto have taken place since then.

We wish Atsugi Doin every future success!