August 27, 2005

Godorenshu at Huronia Branch

On the afternoon of Saturday August 27, Shorinji Kempo Ontario members gathered at the Renseikan Aikido Dojo in Barrie, Ontario for a Godorenshu (group training event).  The Renseikan Dojo has a beautiful tatami floor and this allowed us to focus on certain technical aspects more deeply than usual (see later).

Branches represented at the Godorenshu included Huronia (the host Branch), Eglinton, North York and Toronto.

The theme of the Godorenshu was on nage (throwing) and how to make an effective ukemi (breakfall) to escape injury. 

Fontaine-sensei (Huronia Branch) led us through a structured series of exercises to develop the foundation skills to make ukemi safely and effectively.

Following this practice, we split into groups according to rank and studied how to apply ukemi in relation to our curriculum techniques.

Newer members had the opportunity to develop confidence in their ukemi and were able to apply those skills quickly.  For the more senior members it was a valuable chance to fully practice techniques which can be fairly dangerous on a hard surface.

We wish to express our gratitude to Fontaine-sensei and the members of Huronia Branch for allowing us to participate in such a valuable practice.

J. McCulloch
Toronto Branch