June 22, 2009

Godorenshu - Barrie, June 2009

Members from all Branches of Shorinji Kempo Ontario headed to the Aikido Hiryukan Dojo in Barrie for the Q2 Godorenshu and Grading.

As ever the training facilities were excellent.

Following group kihon we moved on to study basic and tobi ukemi on the luxurious tatami!

After spending a bit of time in the air we split into different ranks to study hokei as taught by each of the four SKO Branch Masters.

We would like to thank Fontaine-sensei of Huronia Branch for organizing another great event.

Prior to the godorenshu there were several kyu examinations. Toronto kenshi Max and Patrick were successful in their sankyu test and Kevin also passed his ikkyu examination.


June 10, 2009

West meets East

This evening we were fortunate to have a visit from Maria (3rd kyu) - a member of the University of British Columbia Branch in Vancouver.

It is always a great joy to have other members of the Canadian Shorinji Kempo family join our class and Maria's visit was no exception.