May 28, 2015

Road trip: 37th Annual Cornell Camp (New York)

All attendees
On the US Memorial Day weekend, five members of Toronto Branch attended the 37th Annual Cornell Shorinji Kempo Camp in beautiful Trumansburg in the Finger Lakes region of New York state.
Canadian kenshi with Sakuyama sensei

Once again we very extremely fortunate to be taught by Sakuyama sensei of Ibaraki Takahagi Doin, Japan.  Sakuyama sensei is a direct student of Kaiso Doshin So (the Founder of Shorinji Kempo) and has traveled widely around the world promoting the art.  One notable contribution was his role in the Jet Li movie "Shaolin Temple" which featured high ranking Japanese and Chinese martial artists.

Up bright and early for morning exercise
Sakuyama sensei has a rare ability to teach in a manner that engages both senior and new kenshi together - everyone can learn and benefit regardless of experience.

We wish to thank Dolce sensei (Ann Arbor), Ziring sensei (World Bank) and the rest of the team that made this event so successful.