September 21, 2009

North America East Coast Gasshuku 2009

On the weekend of September 5-6, 2009 members of Toronto Branch attended the North America East Coast Gasshuku (training camp) in New York City.

The Toronto kenshi with Makino-sensei

The event was recognized by WSKO as an official event and was led by Makino-sensei (Daihanshi, 8th dan) - one of Kaiso's earliest students. Makino-sensei is the instructor of Nishijin Doin in Kyoto, Japan.

Advanced class

Here's what our delegates thought of the event:

"I enjoyed the opportunity to train with U.S. Kenshi instructed by Makino sensei and other U.S. Branch Masters. It was great to hear Makino sensei share stories about what it was like to train with Doshin So. Everyone was very kind and helpful in teaching new techniques and philosophy and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event."
- Kevin Legault (1st kyu)

I found the overall experience to be quite enjoyable and enlightening. The American Kenshi were excellent hosts and it was a treat to learn from a wide variety Branch Masters, both American and Japanese. It was especially pleasing to hear Makino Sensei’s stories of his experience training under Kaiso.

- Stew Stevenson (3rd kyu)

Ever since the first minute in New York we were greeted by a cheerful and hospitable kenshi. The training facilities selected for the event provided us all with enough space to practice and the food was great. I feel particularly lucky being able to study under the guidance of so many senseis, including WSKO instructor Makino-sensei. We were all able to review many basic techniques and I found some new points, I have not been aware of, to almost every one of them.
- Max Drozd (3rd kyu)

Successful 3rd dan candidates
Phil (Ann Arbor), Isabel (Toronto), Nicole (Ann Arbor)

We wish to thank the members of New York City Branch for helping to facilitate such a great seminar.

Stew & Max