May 30, 2006

28th Annual Cornell Camp (part one)

The 2006 Cornell group

From May 27-29, 2006, kenshi from the USA, Canada and Japan gathered at Camp Barton, Trumansburg, NY for the 28th Annual Cornell Shorinji Kempo Camp (Gasshuku). Since its foundation by Ken Ohashi-sensei in 1978, the Cornell Gasshuku has become a mainstay for kenshi in the north-east region of North America.

The Gasshuku was led by Sakuyama-sensei (Ibaragi Takahagi Doin, Japan) and Atsumi-sensei (Yokohama Negishi Doin). Both instructors were formerly staff members at Hombu and studied directly under our Founder - Kaiso So Doshin-sensei.

Sakuyama-sensei: "true freedom through Shorinji Kempo"

Atsumi-sensei: "katsujin ken - the fist that gives life"

Sakuyama-sensei instructing fine points of goho
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28th Annual Cornell Camp (part two)

Tricky balancing act


Sakuyama-sensei vs. Ninja

Varieties of uchi uke zuki and soto uke zuki
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28th Annual Cornell Camp (part three)

Shorinji Kempo Ontario members from Toronto Branch, North York Branch and Eglinton Branch took part in the Gasshuku (pictured here with Miyata-sensei, Atsumi-sensei and Sakuyama-sensei).

1. Try to aim here...

2. OUCH!

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The delegates from Toronto Branch wish to express their deep gratitude to Allen Liff-sensei, Gary Dolce-sensei and Neal Ziring-kenshi for their hard work and dedication in making this wonderful event happen.

Your contribution to Shorinji Kempo in this region is huge!


May 17, 2006

11th Annual "Kickathon"

On the evening of May 17, 2006, members of Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch gathered at the main gym of the Addiction Research Foundation site of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to hold their annual charity Kickathon.

Shorinji Kempo Branches worldwide hold charity or community service events each year in the month of May as a memorial to our founder Kaiso So Doshin (1911-1980). One of Kaiso's famous maxims was "try to live your life half for self and half for others" and it is in that spirit that we host the Kickathon.

The funds raised by Kickathon will be donated to the CAMH Foundation to assist its world class work in the field of drug addiction research and treatment.

This year we were able to raise a total of $8,000. We are grateful to our many sponsors for their generosity.

Since 1996, Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch has raised $61,500 for this cause.

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May 03, 2006

Farewell to Slava!

After almost four years of training at Toronto Branch, Slava Burdenyuk kenshi is returning home to his native Ukraine.

Slava joined Toronto Branch in 2002 having originally been a member of Odessa Branch in the Ukraine. With constant effort and study, Slava rose to the rank of Shokenshi 2nd dan and was appointed an Assistant (jokyo) of the Branch. Many kenshi will remember the care and patience shown by Slava as he helped them establish their form.

Slava was also very active in attending seminars and gasshuku, including the Cornell Gasshuku and WSKO seminars in Calgary, Ann Arbor, Sweden and Japan.

We wish Slava every future success and hope to see him again before too long.