April 23, 2022

Grading success - Spring 2022


More grading successes at Toronto Branch:

Jonathan passed his examination for 5th Kyu on March 12, 2022.

John McCulloch passed the examination for Hokai rank Junhanshi on February 25, 2022.

We look forward to more members advancing in the coming months.


February 05, 2022

We're back (again)!


We were delighted to return to the dojo in November 2021 after a very long pandemic break.

Unfortunately, our joy turned out to be shortlived as the Omicron wave caused a shutdown of all gyms in Ontario.

Today we were back in action for the first time after relxation of the Omicron restrictions and it was a wonderful experience!

We hope that our training can now continue without interruption.


January 22, 2022

Chinkon-Gyo: WSKO Official Online Seminar

Toronto Branch had the distinct honour of conducting Chinkon-gyo at the January 22, 2022 WSKO Official Online Seminar.

In common with previous WSKO online seminars, this event was attended by members from WSKO branches all over the world.

Arai Shoji sensei led the kihon section and initial hokei instruction.

Kawashima sensei followed with an in-depth review of technical questions sent in by members.

We would like to thank WSKO Hombu for making this event (and other online seminars) possible during the current pandemic restrictions.