October 30, 2019

Visit from Brazil

On October 30 we had the pleasure of welcoming Daniel Estima Bandeira (2nd dan) from the Porto Allegre North Branch of Brazil to our dojo.

Daniel was on vacation in Ontario and Quebec and wanted to visit our practice.

We greatly enjoyed our time together and hope we can get a chance to train in Brazil in future!


August 15, 2019

Sakuyama sensei - classic embu (~1975)

Here is a TV feature filmed at Shorinji Kempo Hombu around 1975-76.

The feature includes an embu demonstration by Sakuyama sensei and Manabe sensei.

Kaiso So Doshin also demonstrates gatame waza.


August 14, 2019

US Federation Super Visit!

On August 14 we were extremely fortunate to have a visit from seven members of the Orange County, Los Angeles and Yuma Branches of the US Federation.

The delegation was organized by Rastogi sensei of Orange County Branch - a long time friend of ours.

Our joint practice was superb - we really enjoyed being able to pair up with the expert kenshi from California and Arizona.

Rastogi sensei gave us a heart-warming lecture on what Shorinji Kempo means to him and his motivation for teaching.

Finally, the delegates gave us a bunch of great swag!

It really doesn't get any better than this!


June 06, 2019

24th Annual Shorinji Kempo Charity Kickathon raises $14,380 for CAMH

Every year during the month of May, Shorinji Kempo members worldwide engage in various forms of community support activities.

Here at Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch, we have chosen to raise funds for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, particularly to help fund their efforts to understand and treat the causes of drug addiction.

The method we employ is our annual Kickathon - an event where we perform 500 continuous full force kicks with kiai (yell!) in return for sponsorship.

Reviewing the Kickathon training plan

This is our 24th successive annual charity Kickathon for CAMH and, from a practical point of view, that also means we are also 24 years older than when we started!

Our kicks are lower and a bit slower than in 1996, but thanks to our incredible sponsors we were able to raise $14,380 in our event this year.  Our Kickathon initiative has now raised a total of $179,160 for CAMH since it began.

The start

Halfway done (shaken but not stirred)

Nearly done (kicks getting lower)

We wish to thank our wonderful sponsors for their incredible generosity and loyal support of our event.

We also wish to salute the efforts of Lidia and her team at CAMH Foundation for helping make this event successful once again.

Immediately after the kicking

Finally, we commend CAMH for all its work in helping to understand and address the serious threat of drug addiction.


Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch 

January 14, 2019

Grading success!

Well done Julie (now 5th kyu) and Ben (now 6th kyu)!
Toronto Branch members Julie and Ben successfully passed their kyu examinations on 14 January 2019.



January 01, 2019

Happy New Year from Toronto Branch!

We wish you health, happiness, peace and prosperity in the year ahead!