December 31, 2014



We wish you health, happiness and success in the year ahead.


The members of Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch, Canada.

December 22, 2014

2014 Closing Ceremony

Tony & Kevin
Our members gathered on the evening of December 22 for our 2014 Closing Ceremony (marks the final practice of the year).

Rafael & Maxim
The format was as follows:
  • Kihon (basics)
  • Demonstrations of technique/embu
  • Chinkon-gyo
  • Lecture (milestones from 2014 and aspirations for 2015)
  • Close
Christian & Daryl
John & Tal
 The lecture included
  • the grading successes of Toronto Branch kenshi during 2014
  • our record Kickathon raise for the CAMH Foundation
  • J. McCulloch's 20th anniversary as Toronto Branch Master
  • Max's attendance at the 2014 Cornell Camp
  • many visitors from Japan (Yurika - Hombu, Sayako - Tokai U., Hikari - Hyogo, Takuya - Osaka, Ayano - Aichi via Vancouver & Takeshi - Nihon U. via Vancouver) 
  • our plans for future study opporunities in 2015

    Isabel & Yayoi
We hope you enjoy the photos taken from our event.

Hikari & Yan


December 05, 2014

Grading success!

Left: Kevin (2nd dan), Right: Tony (Chukenshi, 3rd dan)

We are pleased to report the success of Toronto kenshi in recent examinations.
  • Tony Tan passed the exam for Chukenshi, 3rd dan on December 1, 2014.
  • Kevin Legault passed the exam for 2nd dan on November 30, 2014.
We wish to thank Louie sensei and Fontaine sensei for their help with these examinations.