April 15, 2009

California Sun

More road trip news - this time a visit to the Peninsula Branch of San Mateo, California on Wednesday April 15. San Mateo is located about 19 miles south of San Francisco.

Peninsula Branch is part of a burgeoning Shorinji Kempo in Northern California which arose from years of effort by Harada sensei (San Francisco), Hirayama sensei (Silicon Valley) and Hagata sensei (Mt. Diablo).

Toronto Branch Master John McCulloch and Peninsula Branch Master Karahashi sensei have known each other for about 20 years but this was the first dojo visit.

The lesson was mainly focused on juho waza that evening and Karahashi sensei guided the members through the main points for breaking balance to ensure the throw will follow smoothly.

One kenshi had recently passed his shodan exam and this evening was his first exposure to the many nage waza of Shorinji Kempo - hopefully not too painful!

I would like to thank Karahashi sensei and the members of Peninsula Branch for their wonderful hospitality and kindness. Hopefully we will be able to welcome them at Toronto Branch soon.