April 30, 2023

Nanoka - my experience at Toronto Branch

We recently hosted Nanoka - a 2nd dan kenshi from Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan. Nanoka fearlessly threw herself into the training at our branch with great enthusiasm! We greatly enjoyed having her train at our dojo for the past months and wish her every success back in Japan.

Here is what Nanoka had to say... 


 "It was a great opportunity for me to join dojo in Toronto. Practicing Shorinji Kempo abroad was one my dreams since high school. 

Since I wanted to challenge myself with my experience and language skill, I joined the practice. Fortunately, Toronto Branch was very nice place to do it. Everyone was very kind and welcome to practice with me. I enjoyed practicing many techniques with them. I got very surprised that many kenshi in here already have high grade and long experience. Also, the things they pay attention to when we learn something was interesting. 



They always motivated me and make me realize my potential. Language and how we grew up are very different but l thought sharing common place and interest like this was amazing. 

I would like to continue Shorinji Kempo even after graduate or abroad for my mental and physical health. I appreciate all members here. Hope we can see and practice again!"