March 12, 2014

Childrens' Workshop at Orde Street Junior School

The Toronto Branch Workshop Team prior to the event (note: we were unable to photograph the event itself)

Following a request from the Camp organizer, on March 10 seven members of Toronto Branch volunteered their time to provide two "Introduction to Shorinji Kempo" workshops to children at the Orde St Junior School March Break Camp.

Children of Grades 1-3 participated in Workshop 1 while children in Grades 3-6 took part in Workshop 2.

Our goal with both workshops was to make sure the students had fun, learned basic Shorinji Kempo movements in a safe way and left with a desire to know more about what we do.

Our workshop delegation was lead by Tal Schaeffer (Assistant Branch Master).  All team members played an important role in teaching, demonstrating and partnering with the students hands-on.  However, Yan Montgomery's skills as a junior school teacher were especially valuable in keeping the students excited, entertained and engaged.

Some of the basic ideas we covered (often in the form of a game) were gassho rei, footwork with happomoku, kamae, making uwa uke against shuto uchi and using kagite shuho to become super strong! Each workshop concluded with a demonstration of Shorinji Kempo techniques done "full on."

The team members are to be highly commended in providing such fun experiences for the Camp students and for selflessly taking time off work to volunteer their services in this way.

We received the following message after the event from the Orde staff:

"Orde Daycare totally appreciates that the Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch members took their vacation time to come over to our school and provide the workshop for our March break program.

First of all, we also would like to apologize for no photo taken due to miscommunication and confusion for this workshop...

Over the years our Daycare has had various Martial arts group visit our children as special added guests to our March break, Summer, and programs; however, none have been more MEMORABLE, INTERESTING, and EDUCATIONAL at the same time than the group representing "Shorinji kempo."

The group of 5 adults and 2 children came to do a presentation that was very educational. They taught us the history, and the differences between other martial arts, and how to do which allowed the children to get involved. 

The 2 hours session left a lasting impact on the children for many days after. It was a pleasure to have them share their knowledge and talent!

We definitely would like to have you back in our summer program as a special guest again.
Please come back for our children!!

Arigato gozai mashi ta

Orde Daycare"