December 19, 2007

Year end and grading success

Toronto Branch members after the 2007 Closing Ceremony

Members of Toronto Branch gathered at our dojo this evening for our annual closing ceremony. We had a number of members missing due to illness or family commitments, but had an enjoyable event nevertheless.

The event consisted of 108 punches and kicks followed by Chinkon-gyo. After that each member came to the shomen area, greeted their fellows and stated their name and rank. Finally, there was an address by the Branch Master which described the achievements and major events of the past year (see this blog) and our hopes for 2008.

In addition, one of our members - Kevin Legault - was presented with his brown belt after successfully passing his 3rd kyu examination. The grading which was organized by Shorinji Kempo Ontario was held on Sunday December 16 at the North York Branch.

Kevin and his new belt!

2007 was an exciting and eventful year at Toronto Branch and we look forward to building further when we return to practice on January 7, 2008.