April 30, 2006

Godorenshu Held at North York Branch

Kenshi from all the Shorinji Kempo Ontario Branches gathered at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on Sunday April 30 for a Godorenshu hosted by North York Branch.

After a warm-up and group kihon (basics) training, the kenshi worked on goho techniques and randori ("sparring") while wearing bogu (body armor). This type of equipment allows full force counters to the body and shows clearly any deficiencies in distance, timing or accuracy.

Following the goho training, the kenshi split into groups to focus on technique practice according to rank.

Kyu gradings for adults and children were also held. Eduardo Bello of Toronto Branch was successful in his grading for 2nd kyu.

Many thanks to North York Branch for hosting this event.


April 10, 2006

Steve Williams-sensei visits Toronto Branch

Steve Williams-sensei and Michelle Williams kenshi from the British Shorinji Kempo Federation (BSKF) visited our Branch today. Williams-sensei is the Branch Master of Harrow Branch, north of London. He was formerly the Vice-Chairman of the BSKF and is the moderator of the widely read Shorinji Kempo forum on e-budo.com.

John McCulloch, the Branch Master of Toronto Branch, and Williams-sensei have been friends for many years and had taken their 2nd dan test together. Hence, it was a great pleasure to welcome Williams-sensei and Michelle to our dojo.

Williams-sensei gave the lecture for the class. He observed how on uniform Shorinji Kempo training is worldwide, that we all share the same spirit and goals and how it feels like being with family when visiting another dojo regardless of where it is. Williams-sensei also gave us some advice based on his experiences of training within a federation.

We look forward to seeing Williams-sensei and Michelle again soon.