November 05, 2014

My time at Toronto Branch - Yurika Ota

With Yurika just before her return to Japan
From May to October 2014 we were very fortunate to have Yurika Ota train with us at our branch.

Yurika is a graduate of the Zenrin Gakuen (Shorinji Kempo Academy) at Hombu and is the daughter of Ota sensei (JR Shikoku Branch) who had visited our dojo 8 years ago.

Yurika was an extremely popular member at our branch due to her kind nature and wonderful sense of humor.  The fact that she was able to get us great meals with wonderful service at Ramen Isshin was a bonus!

Yurika in action - uwa uke geri
 After she returned to Japan, Yurika sent us this message:

"I was a bit nervous about joining Toronto Branch since I hadn't practiced for a long, long time and had forgotten almost everything. Despite my shyness, the members of Toronto Branch practiced with me and in a very friendly and kind way.

I liked going Dojo to train with everyone, making friendships and enjoying conversation together. It was a precious time for me, but not long enough!

I'd like to thank the Toronto Branch members for welcoming me. I miss you already and hope we can meet again in Toronto or in Japan.


Yurika Ota"

Yurika - everyone at Toronto Branch misses you and hopes to see you again soon!