October 03, 2010

Atsugi Minami Doin

With the members of Atsugi Minami Doin

On October 2nd I was privileged to visit Atsugi Minami Doin in Kanagawa-ken, Japan. The Doin-cho is Morohoshi sensei (Seihanshi, 7th dan) - one of the teachers I first met in Japan in 1985. Indeed, at that time I had very little ability in Japanese language (not much has changed!) and Morohoshi sensei's skill in English was a real lifeline.

The training at Atsugi Minami Doin consisted mainly of deconstructing familiar techniques to find the essential principles. It was then possible to use each technique effectively without effort despite the attacker's force.

At the end of the class we had some fun looking at some seemingly amazing martial arts techniques and found that they can be reproduced verbatim by simply altering the force of the striking technique (in other words, these techniques are simply tricks).

Morohoshi sensei also holds dan rank in batto jutsu

Morohoshi sensei and his family were kind enough to host me in their home. They graciously took me on a day out to Tokyo which included a chance encounter with several famous sumo stars in Ryogoku.

Meeting West Maegashira #2 Tochinoshin in Ryogoku

The bonds of friendship that Shorinji Kempo creates are truly marvelous!

Morohoshi sensei - thank you very, very much!