December 07, 2010

My experience at Toronto Branch - Sayaka Fujita

Toronto branch which I have been indebted belonged by many high grade holders whom I could ask for advice, and also the fellows who have lower grade have great motivation and attitude to be better and they helped me a lot to be better together.

I have felt that the environment existence is because of the Toronto branch master McCulloch sensei's character. He often told me that I could ask him for help whatever I need, and the members of the branch were the same to such a stranger who is from abroad (me).

I learned a lot from them, to help each other, the importance for continuing something, how to express oneself (which I'm not good at) and so on.

And I could take part in a seminar and taikai (competition), and also take a grading test for black belt. These have been very wonderful experiences for me and I wouldn't be able to get through those without their support.

The purpose of my restarting Shorinji Kempo had been just to get a black belt. However, it's been changed through my experiences in Toronto branch to continue Shorinji Kempo as long as possible and to help somebody new who want to learn with us just like Toronto branch people did to me.

I'm going back to Japan soon but I'd like to visit them again as a better kenshi someday.

Thank all Toronto branch members very very much. I will never forget you all!


Sayaka Fujita
Junkenshi, 1st dan