August 17, 2009

Team Lutes Hits T.O!

Peter Lutes (shodan), a Canadian currently based in Takamatsu, Japan came along to visit us on August 17.

Accompanying him were his two sons Edward (minarai) and Nicholas (1st kyu). They are all members of Takamatsu Higashi Doin (led by Kubo sensei).

It was the first time they had experienced Shorinji Kempo practice outside of Japan.

Peter and Nicholas gave us an excellent "father and son" embu.

We look forward to seeing the Lutes family again soon.


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peterl1 said...

Warm thanks to the Toronto Branch members and to Shibu-cho John McCulloch for welcoming us. We enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a great opportunity for my sons to get a glimpse of the international side of Shorinji Kempo.

We look forward to our next visit.

Thank you again.

Team Lutes