June 03, 2008

30th Annual Cornell Camp

On the US Memorial Day holiday weekend, the 30th Annual Cornell Shorinji Kempo Camp (Gasshuku) was held in Camp Barton Trumansburg, NY. Sakuyama Sensei (Ibaragi Takahagi Doin, Japan) once again led the training session.

This year the attendees were also lucky enough to hava Ken Ohashi Sensei,
the founder of the Cornell Camp tradition, joining the them, his camp has become an event that Kenshi across North America look forward to.

Three Kenshi from Toronto Branch attended this year, for those of us who were returning to the camp it was a great chance to catch up with and train with old friends and like the newcomers make new friends with the Kenshi we meet.

After a fun but vigorous warm up and Kihon Sakuyama Sensei introduced the principle of "
Jou Kyo Ka Jitsu" through practicing taisabaki. Later in the day this was expanded to cover the use of footwork in juho instead of muscular force.

All 3 kenshi from Toronto Branch Kenshi, Stewart, Kevin and John, were amazed at the depth of knowledge and understanding Sakuyama Sensei has of Shorinji Kempo as well as his ability to transmit his understanding to Kenshi he is teaching. After being in a class taught by Sakuyama Sensei you are left with a sense that having been taught by him is a real privilege.


John Pitts
Toronto Branch

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