April 28, 2008

Godorenshu held at Toronto Branch

Kenshi from Toronto Branch, Yorkville Branch and North York Branch gathered at our dojo on the evening of April 28, 2008 for a Shorinji Kempo Ontario Godorenshu event.

Godorenshu are group training events that allow SKO members to practice with their peers from other Branches and have a chance to learn from a variety of teachers.

Following Chinkon-gyo, we had a period of kihon (basics) training which included ways to diagnose problems with body alignment and balance when making tsuki (punches).

The hokei (technique) sections of the event comprised both goho and juho. Each of the Branch Masters of the attending Branches took turns to teach each group of kenshi by rank.

The lecture was focussed on two talks given by Kaiso So Doshin in the late 1960s which emphasized the primacy of action over theory and also the need to have a vision for one's future in order to take the necessary steps in the present.

All members greatly enjoyed the chance to train with their SKO friends.

We'd like to thank members of the other Branches for attending and look forward very much to the next Godorenshu event.


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