October 30, 2006

First Annual Shorinji Kempo Ontario Embukai

Members of Toronto Branch participated in the first annual Shorinji Kempo Ontario Embukai which was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on the evening of Sunday October 30, 2006.

Our embu participants were:

  • Yan Montgomery (2nd dan) and Stas Zlobinski (1st dan)

  • John Pitts (1st dan) and Ahlia Khan (1st kyu)

  • John Dadosky (2nd kyu) and Eduardo Bello (2nd kyu)

The event was not a competition and, therefore, no scores were announced. However, the format of the event was otherwise identical to that in a major embukai and allowed the Ontario kenshi a good opportunity to experience performing embu under these conditions.

We thank North York Branch for hosting the event and Richard Ngun-kenshi of Yorkville Branch for allowing us to use his photos.


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