September 30, 2010

Suzuki-sensei, Kurihama Doin

Yokohama, Japan
Sep. 30th.

Suzuki-sensei (Seihanshi 7th dan) and Saito-san of Kumihama Doin (Yokosuka, Japan) graciously took me along to the Yokohama Ikkaku for dinner. Ikkaku is without a doubt the most beloved restaurant of Shorinji Kempo members and is famous for two types of chicken - soft type and "chewy" type.

I've known Suzuki-sensei since the early 1990s when I practiced in London, U.K. It was great to see him again and listen to his views on Shorinji Kempo. A student of the legendary Misaki-sensei, his enthusiasm for the art is incredible!

I am deeply indebted to Suzuki-sensei, Mika-san (English arrangements!) and Saito-san and sincerely hope I'll have the chance to train at your Doin next time!

Many thanks!