August 03, 2009

World Taikai in Bali

John McCulloch (Toronto Branch Master) attended the World Taikai and Study Session in Denpassar, Bali, Indonesia from July 25-29 and acted as the proxy National Representative for Canada at the WSKO General Meeting held at the Inna Grand Hotel in Sanur on July 24.

It was a remarkable experience to train in Bali and see Shorinji Kempo from the Indonesian perspective. In addition, the event was a wonderful opportunity to meet many great friends (old and new) from all over the world.

One other major attraction (apart from the Bali itself!) was the chance to receive direct instruction from the top teachers of the art.

I would like to express deep thanks to the members of PERKEMI (Indonesian Federation) for hosting such a wonderful event and to WSKO staff for their round-the-clock efforts to help look after the international delegates.

Some pictures...