October 20, 2008

Alma mater - Tokai University

On October 20, John paid a visit to Tokai University Shorinji Kempo Branch.

It was an especially interesting trip since John had practiced Shorinji Kempo there in the summer of 1985 when he was an exchange student at Tokai University School of Medicine and hadn't had a chance to train there since.

Hiate sensei (Seihanshi, 7th dan) has been the Branch Master at Tokai University for over 35 years and the members there reflect his high standards.

Much of the focus in the class was on preparing for examinations or the All-Japan Taikai in November.

John was very fortunate to spend time reviewing techniques one-on-one with Hiate sensei and then practicing kumiembu with Akiba kenshi (Chukenshi, 3rd dan).

Despite the long gap since the last training session at Tokai U., the experience was very familiar - enthusiastic kenshi, lots of teamwork in running the dojo, the close juxtaposition with other student clubs and high level embu with a lot of ippon se nage!

I would like to thank Hiate sensei and the members of Tokai University Branch for allowing me to relive my youth!


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