October 26, 2006

Ota-sensei visits Toronto Branch

Koji Ota-sensei (7th dan) of JR Shikoku Branch, Takamatsu, Japan visited Toronto Branch on the evening of October 25, 2006.

Ota-sensei has studied Shorinji Kempo for many years and learnt the art from many great first generation teachers such as Kaiso So Doshin-sensei, Misawa-sensei and Tamura-sensei. Accordingly, his understanding of Shorinji Kempo technique and philosophy is very deep.

Ota-sensei recently returned from Africa where he was an instructor for the WSKO African Study Sessions in Tanzania and Kenya.

Ota-sensei taught us about many important basic points such as:
  • how to make kamae to protect weak points
  • how to make a fast and smooth keri
  • how to make ukemi safely from nage

Ota-sensei is an expert at using technical practice as a base for exploring philosophical items. He believes that the direct person-to-person communication we have in Shorinji Kempo is extremely important for the wellbeing of society.

We are extremely grateful to Ota-sensei for his teachings and inspiration.


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