May 30, 2006

28th Annual Cornell Camp (part one)

The 2006 Cornell group

From May 27-29, 2006, kenshi from the USA, Canada and Japan gathered at Camp Barton, Trumansburg, NY for the 28th Annual Cornell Shorinji Kempo Camp (Gasshuku). Since its foundation by Ken Ohashi-sensei in 1978, the Cornell Gasshuku has become a mainstay for kenshi in the north-east region of North America.

The Gasshuku was led by Sakuyama-sensei (Ibaragi Takahagi Doin, Japan) and Atsumi-sensei (Yokohama Negishi Doin). Both instructors were formerly staff members at Hombu and studied directly under our Founder - Kaiso So Doshin-sensei.

Sakuyama-sensei: "true freedom through Shorinji Kempo"

Atsumi-sensei: "katsujin ken - the fist that gives life"

Sakuyama-sensei instructing fine points of goho
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